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Resources created ​by the Art Plus People community

Virtually Human

Virtual Meetings can be soul sucking. Let's focus on thinking & learning, not just video etiquette. As we spend more time in virtual meetings, it is getting harder to stay engaged. So far, most have asked, "how do we optimize video conferencing?". At Virtually Human, we are shifting the conversation to, "how do we optimize human engagement?".


Made for the digital facilitators of the world​, Virtually Human is a free resource built to inspire dynamic, productive, and enjoyable conversations online.




Activities and experiences to keep your mind curious.


Subway Therapy

When times are tumultuous it’s important to gather, and since we can’t do it in person Subway Therapy started a collective journal, and has been asking questions every week. The answers get written on sticky notes, and it's a wonderful way to bring ideas to life. Get involved in the ST community to feel less isolated if you are struggling, and if you are celebrating, send out your good vibes to others.

Participate in different weekly activities on instagram and answer the question of the week here.

The Strangers Project

Brandon Doman, creator of The Strangers Project, has been asking "What's your story?" for the past 11 years and has received more than 60,000 hand-written, true, and anonymous answers from strangers in public space.

For the first time ever he's allowing digital submissions. Learn more here.

The World Letter - Mexico (San Mateo) -

The World Letter 

The World Letter was created by Cocovan, and has grown to be the largest love letter in the world. Over 22,000 people have participated from 135 countries.

During social distancing, you can submit a letter online. This activity is great for just about anyone, and works well as a classroom activity.

Secret Telephone

Secret Telephone is a physical telephone that travels to different public spaces. Anyone that picks it up can get something off their chest anonymously and feel less alone through the shared experience of listening to secrets left by others.


People Phone 

People Phone is for artists, businesses, podcasters, teams & anyone who needs a cloud-based inbox for text & voice messages.

It’s easy! With People Phone, you get a dedicated phone number that you can share to start collecting voice and text messages from your friends, customers and audience.



More workshops will appear here as they are recorded!

Narrative Wayfinding

In this session, Matthew Chavez shares an ideation technique he calls Narrative Wayfinding, a process of using stories and themes to discover opportunity, meaning and purpose. During the Fieldtrip, participants were invited to think differently about the role stories play in society, and walked away with a toolkit for crafting a narrative that positions them where they want to be, with a good idea of where they want to go. In this uncertain time, tools like Narrative Wayfinding creatively enhance one’s ability to find exciting new pathways toward a desired future without feeling lost.