Listening Project 2021

Participatory public installations providing space for healing, catharsis, and reflection. This emergent work is in partnership with The Door and many others!


The Challenge

A grueling pandemic, increasing social isolation, and a divisive political season have left many unheard, unseen, and unsure of how to come together.

Our Solution

To explore this dynamic challenge, a multi-disciplinary team of professionals is working with emerging young artists fromThe Door to create participatory installations: generating conversation and reflection surrounding pain, anxiety, and connection. Ultimately, bolstering our collective resilience.

“To a certain degree, our entire future may depend on learning to listen, listen without assumptions or defenses.” 

 -adrienne maree brown


This is a small sample of a much larger collection we have gathered so far.
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The art activations are taking place in public spaces across New York City, inviting participants and passersby to share a reflection, story, or personal experience. The shared stories and experiences will be empathetically witnessed with non-judgment by trained members from The Door, and recorded (with permission) for exhibition and analysis.

Social Practice and Discourse Training

A diverse group of artists, healers, community activists, and coaches have come together to support the creation of a public work, and the development of members from The Door at the heart of the project.

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Our Vision

Through these first installations we’ll help thousands feel seen, heard and connected. In the future, these works will serve to reinforce our collective resilience and create opportunities for young people to make impacts in their communities across the US and abroad.


Through 2021 our process is refined and turned into a scalable framework. Our first cohort gains acclaim as co-creators of this vital work and go on to exhibit the project and train others.


We implement our methodology in diverse cities across the US including:

Salt Lake City, Utah

Atlanta, Georgia

Akron, Ohio

Gilroy, California


Community organizers from all over use our tools and research to develop public programs that benefit their communities. Over 10,000 conversations have been recorded, and exhibitions are common in cities where installations appear

The Listeners

Meet the co-creators of Listening Project 2021! Their emergent process will inform the model we create and share with other organizations and groups wanting to do this vital work in their communities.

Mahfouz Soumare

Support this Work

Join us in creating public art that builds resilient communities while guiding young people towards meaningful careers that deeply impact society for the better.

Opportunities for partnership include:

Art + Exhibition, Media, Production(Including photography, film, audio documentary training and/or gallery exhibit production)

Financial Support, Housing, Access to Vacant Spaces & Venues

If​ you'd like to partner with us, or offer support, we'd love to hear from you!


Current Partners & Supporters

Deena Ismail

The Door

Rei Chou

The Feast

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Jack Saul


Natalie Black

Culture x Curate

Sarah Gerber

20/20 Studios

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Dirk Leidig

Life Labs Learning

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Tiffany Chan

Higher Love

Matt Chavez

Art Plus People