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We used to be Creative Lunch.  Now we're Talks About Stuff.

Not too long ago, we decided to start doing interviews with wildly creative people, which was incredible. But our dream has always been to provide a venue for conversation, engagement and a nourishing environment for ideas to grow. So we've decided to grow ourselves, and our name is different now.
We're also not exactly sure what Talks About Stuff is going to become, but we know we want to do 2 things:
1) We want to keep having conversations with incredible guests about creativity and social innovation. That's what we at Art Plus People are all about, but that doesn't mean we won't dive into other topics. Feel free to nominate yourself, or someone you know that might have something interesting to share here.
2) Participation is a core element of everything we do, so we want to create something interesting with you and the community of stellar individuals that surround us! To do that, we're designing a plug and play toolkit that allows members of the community to talk about the stuff they are passionate about.

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about stuff?

From time to time incredible creatives and community builders provide food for thought by sharing their creative process, how they turned dreams into reality, and what it means to create with purpose. That's what we've been doing, but soon we'll expand into new arenas. We want to let people do talks about the stuff they are passionate about, so that's in the works and coming soon.

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